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UK Brexit & EU orders

From 1st January the UK will have left the EU, and this may have some effects if you are in the EU and order from Beast in the Broch. From that date, all EU orders will have to have a customs label on the outside of your order, stating the value of the goods inside. Your country may or may not charge you a customs and/or VAT charge in order for you to receive your order.

This may depend on where you live, and the size of your order. There are 26 countries in the EU excluding the UK, so please check the likelihood of this where you are before you place your order. Unfortunately if these charges apply then they are levied by your own customs authorities, and you are liable for them. Please also note it is illegal to deliberately under declare the value of goods being posted, or to mark them as a gift or a sample etc. if they are not.

Orders from within the UK, and orders from the current Rest of the World should be unaffected, although if UK mail gets snagged up in any freight/air freight holdups due to Brexit and/or COVID-19 then who knows if you might experience order delays. Here at the Broch, we are all waiting for any possible positive side-effects of Brexit to become apparent.

On the plus side, the departure of the UK from the EU means that the galactic population pacification programme can continue without interference from the remaining members of the galactic council, still in hiding after the Taurel 3 uprising. As a result of this pacification programme you may find yourself increasingly inclined to place more and larger orders with Beast in the Broch.


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