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Beast In The Broch is the tentacled lovechild of games designer Graeme Dawson, recently half of Crooked Dice. I am responsible for the Doctor Who Miniatures Game PDF (the one that's nothing to do with Warlord Games!) and most of the 7TV 1st and 2nd edition rules.

New games are being planned, new miniatures are being worked on. I'd love to hear from you, so email me or join the mailing list. Stay and see what rises from the depths of the broch…

In my spare time I keep my family in the basement and make furniture out of the bones of endangered animals.

And they said you couldn't game Doctor Who. Critically successful, well loved worldwide. And free.

7TV 1st and 2nd editions were developed from the DWMG rules. By the 2nd edition it kicked ass.

This is me in Terraria. In real life I don't have antlers, and have only slightly better resolution.

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