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New Horizon

People have been asking what's coming next. You guys deserve an answer and the short answer right now is nothing, at least in the short term. I feel our planet needs all the help it can get these days, so I am embarking on a degree in Environmental Science. A degree will hopefully open up a proper paying and very fulfilling job in the future so that's going to be the focus. There have been other portents as well. A wee industry bird's most recent piece of advice given to me, regarding Beast In The Broch, could also have been read as a veiled threat, (I seem to have ruffled some feathers) then recently I heard some gossip regarding the potential appearance of a new sci-fi licence for an old sci-fi property. Combined with the fact that I finally need to earn some half decent money and the decision is made. I will have spare time, however, and the will for gaming is still strongly there. Depending on how those rumours pan out, there is still the possibility of more rules and lead, both for existing lines, and for something new. And I really have a hankering to go back and produce more free material for the DWMG after the series we've just had. In the meantime, Beast In The Broch is staying put, and I'll be more than glad to deal with your orders. So look at it as an update, a hiatus, but not a goodbye. Graeme

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