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New ship, new members, the Future Freedom Fighters Scorpius crew fight on! These guys come with authentic retro-space gear including Scorpius blasters and teleport bangles. This set comprises:


  • FFF7   Box
  • FFF10 Deadly Gunfighter
  • FFF11 Reulctant Leader
  • FFF12 Inebriant Thief
  • FFF13 Dashing Turncoat 2
  • FFF14 Bold Weaponsmith 2
  • FFF15 Enslaved Computer


These are single piece 30mm scale models cast in lead-free pewter, supplied with 25mm round bases (apart from FFF15 which is in 2 parts, will need assembled, and does not come with a round base). These models come unpainted.

Scorpius Crew

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